Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do  you make professional cakes & cupcakes?

A:  No, We do not. We can, however, prepare scratch-made frosted, un-decorated sheetcakes for events.  Examples Include:  Carrot Cake with mile high cream cheese frosting, Frosted Pumpkin or Banana Bars, Frosted Dragonfly Dark Chocolate Cake, etc.  We also prepare and serve our scratch-baked cheesecakes for many events, along with a variety of other tasty and tempting desserts and treats.

 Q:  Do you prepare the food out of your home?

A:  No, We do not.  We are licensed through the MN D.O.H., certified and insured.  Tammy is a licensed, certified Food Manager.  We have a commercial kitchen with stainless counters, walk-in coolers, professional commercial stainless kitchen equipment, etc.  We are randomly inspected by the MN D.O.H.  We must carry commercial insurance on our kitchen, as well as, our catering van.  We renew our Food Handler's license every three years.  A copy of our most recent D.O.H. inspection is available upon request.

Anyone working out of their home is likely un-insured and un-licensed.  It's required by law to be in a seperate stand-alone building, on your personal property, that is licensed and inspected through the MN D.O.H.  You are not able to work out of your personal kitchen.  The only way someone could prepare food for you or an event from their own kitchen is if it's given as a free sample and no money is ever exchanged.  I would be incredibly leery of anybody offering that type of catering service.

 Q:  Do you have any "Signature Dishes"?

A:  Yes, Check out our following list:

·         Chicken Wild Rice Soup

·         Loaded Baked Potato Soup

·         Hand Dipped Turtle Candies

·         Peanut Butter Cheesecake

·         Baked Chicken Dinner with Homemade Sage & Sausage Stuffing

·         BBQ Pulled Pork

·         Beef Lasagna

·         Strawberry Spinach Red Onion Salad with Tammy's homemade Poppy-seed Dressing

 Q:  Since you are located in a school, do you work for the school and handle their hot lunch program?

A:  No, Our only reltationship to the school is that of a tenant.  The building I'm housed in is no longer a "Traditional School".  The rooms are all rented out.  Lunches are no longer served through this kitchen.  I am the only person using the commercial kitchen.  I have a key to the building and come and go as I please.

 Q:  What's your favorite dish to make?

A:  I love making a variety of cheesecakes, beef lasagna and homemade soups.